Camp Resources

Online resources for camp activites.

Scratch Activites

Scratch 1.4

Scratch is a free and simple programming language aimed at education.

Flappy Bird

A introduction to scratch

Bug Bots

Create Simple Line Following Robots


Recreate the classic 70's videogame pong

Python 3.4


The easiest way to run Python in Windows.

Python 101

Examples for CodeMakers introduction to Python

Treasure Hunt

Here be Python challenges!

Turtle Programming

Drawing, with turtles!

Encryption Activity

Encrypt and Decrypt text in Spyder

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

Build a Website Example

Example Website for campers to examine

HTML Activity Folder

Examples of HTML tags and more

HTML Color Picker

An index of hexadecimal web colours


Arduino Home Page

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller project

Blink LED Schematic

Schematic for the LED project

Melody Tutorial

Use a piezo speaker to play melodies from an Arduino


Conway's Game of Life

An introduction to the concept of computer simulation.

Game of Life Resources

Sample cellular automata patterns

Lightbot HoC

An orthographic introduction to programming

Lightbot Original

The original light bot game.

Cisco Binary Game

Test your binary skills!


Learn how to code by playing a game

Unsorted Items

H4x0r Access


EV3 Mars Rover

Base EV3 instructions for Mars rover activity.